Mass media

Accreditation of mass media representatives is conducted for wide, free and recent coverage in mass media of Forum’s events as well as provision of necessary conditions for mass media representatives’ professional activities.

All mass media editors that are registered at the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media and overseas mass media editors registered according to its national legislation and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have the right to make an application to be accredited for the Forum.

During its professional activity mass media representatives must follow generally recognized ethical standards, respect rights and legitimate interests of Forum’s participants and personnel. Applications are conducted online via filling in the interactive form at the official website of the Forum by choosing “Registration” with obligatory mentioning of the word “Mass Media” in the field “Name of the organization on the badge *”.

Journalists are accredited only after receiving the personal confirmation of accreditation from the Forum Organizers.

The confirmation is sending to a mass media representative’s email mentioned in the registration form.

A badge “Press” is a document that approves a journalist’ accreditation. It will be given to a journalist personally in hand during the registration process at the Forum.

The badge cannot be given to other persons.

The badge “Press” is giving only after ID demonstration and upon availability of confirmed accreditation presented in the Forum’s database and/or by giving the printed invitation letter sent personally to a mass media representative by the Forum’s press office to the email mentioned in the application.

The badge “Press” is not giving the right to present at the Forum’s events when special invitations are required.

The badge “Press” must be always visible during the all time of presence on the territory of the Forum.

A mass media representative accredited for the Forum must:

  • upon using the official information or quotations of the Forum’s participants prepared materials must contain reference to the Global Forum and the source of received information or contain a link to the Forum’s website if the information is taken from the website;
  • upon receiving the information from citizens and public officials it is necessary to inform them about conduction of the audio recording, video recording and photo shoot.
  • show the editorial documents or other ID or documents for capacity confirmation of a journalist during the performance of professional activities immediately upon request;
  • delay (stop) the video recording and photo shoot upon request of the representatives of the Forum’s Press center and/or Forum’s Security service.

The following issues are the reasons for the termination of accreditation:

  • mass media editorial office decision to release their journalist from the coverage in media of the Forum and/or change the previous journalist to another one (upon the official notification);
  • dissemination of false information;
  • misbehavior of a journalist on the territory of the Forum.

Directorate of Media Relations

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